新西兰教育学作业代写 大学费用

2020-11-06 23:37

尽管大学在很多方面都被认为是非常重要的,包括经历、教育、机会等等,但大学也是非常昂贵、耗时和压力的。有些人不愿意为四年的教育付出数万美元,这是完全可以理解的。上大学的人必须支付他们的课堂设备、住宿、食物和差旅费。这些费用对人们来说通常都太贵了,这导致他们申请学生贷款,最终导致他们陷入债务。债务可以说是上大学的最大风险,也让很多人打消了上大学的念头。除了财务风险,上大学的人的心理健康也面临着持续的风险。维持社交生活,跟上课程进度,可能还有工作,这些都会给人们带来很多压力。也许上大学最吸引人的部分是以后的生活。平均而言,大学毕业生比那些没有大学毕业的人赚的钱更多。根据BLS,大学毕业生实际上比大多数没有大学毕业的人有更高的薪水。“拥有学士学位的工人平均每周比只有高中文凭的工人多挣464美元”(苏珊·博格尔,南新罕布什尔大学)。大学毕业生不仅平均赚的钱更多,而且失业的可能性也小得多。雇主们总是寻找大学毕业生来雇佣他们,而且他们很可能会更早地雇佣一个大学毕业生,而不是一个只有高中文凭的人。“根据劳工统计局的数据,只有2.7%的拥有学士学位的工人面临失业,而只有高中文凭的工人有5.2%面临失业。”南方新罕布什尔大学的Susan Bogle说。
新西兰教育学作业代写 大学费用
 Even though college is considered to be very important in many ways, including the experience, the education, the opportunities, and much more, college is also very expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. Some people would rather not pay tens of thousands of dollars for four years of education, which is absolutely understandable. People who attend college are required to pay for their class equipment, housing, food, and travel expenses. These expenses are normally too much for people to pay, which leads them to taking out student loans, and eventually causes them to go into debt. Debt is arguably the biggest risk of going to college and drives a large amount of people away from the idea. Apart from the financial risks, the mental health of people who attend college is also at a constant risk. Maintaining a social life, keeping up with classes, and possibly working a job can build up lots of stress in people.Perhaps the most appealing part of attending college is the life afterwards. On average, college graduates earn more money than those who do not graduate from college. According to the BLS, college graduates actually have a higher salary than most people who do not graduate from college. “…workers with a bachelor’s degree earned an average of $464 more per week than workers with only a high school diploma” (Susan Bogle, Southern New Hampshire University). Not only do college graduates make more money on average, but college graduates are also much less likely to struggle with unemployment. Employers always look for college graduates to hire and would most likely hire a college graduate sooner than they would hire someone with only a high school diploma. “According to the BLS, just 2.7% of workers with a bachelor’s degree are facing unemployment, compared to 5.2% of workers with only a high school diploma” Susan Bogle, Southern New Hampshire University.
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