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2020-07-17 17:26

在我的现实世界的经验中,我必须继续尝试并接受正在进行中的小工程,同时仍在努力实现大局。 要有耐心,更直观地认识到,并不是所有的人都抱有和我一样的价值观和诚信。 如果能进一步关注我的错误领域,并下更大的决心从中学习,这将是有利的。 通过更深入地寻找根源和我的计划、执行和沟通的整体效果,我将表现出自信和愿意更透明的弹性特征。 我也喜欢在我的领导力过程中增加另一个步骤的想法,并将更精确的措施落实到位,将更多的具体工作分配给人们,让他们看到自己的努力对结果的显著贡献。我倾向于认为,真实领导力理论最适用于沟通、信誉和信任等发展领域。真实的领导力是一种领导方法,它强调通过与追随者建立诚实的关系来建立领导者的合法性,这种关系重视追随者的意见,并建立在道德的基础上。真实的领导者是具有真实的自我概念的积极的人,他们提倡开放性。(维基百科,2017)。 在领导力发展的沟通领域,信誉和信任是普遍存在的,因为真实的领导者寻求让他人参与、实验、犯错并从中学习。 真实的领导者欣赏小的胜利,并将其纳入长期任务中。真实的领导者相信他们会践行自己的言论,并激励周围的人与他们合作,培养一种信仰、信任和接纳的文化和氛围。真正的领导人对自己的能力充满信心,不惧怕分享弱点。 总而言之,真实的领导力理论和真实的领导者在很大程度上依赖于以身作则,真诚地关心和关注他们的员工。真实的领导是透明的,扣留高诚信和价值走向统一的方法,以达到预期。
新西兰惠灵顿作业代写 现实世界
  In my real world experiences I must continue to experiment and be acceptant of smaller works in progress while still working the bigger picture.  Being patient and more intuitive that not all people withhold the same values and integrity as I have.  It would be advantageous to focus further in my areas of error and make more determination to learn from them.  By seeking out deeper into the root cause and the overall effectiveness of my planning, execution and communication I will display resilient characteristics of self-confidence and willingness to be more transparent.  I also like the idea of adding another step in my leadership process and place more precise measures in place to allocate more specific work to people so that they can see how their efforts contribute significantly to outcomes. I tend to relate that the Authentic Leadership theory is most applicable to the developmental areas within communication, credibility and trust. Authentic leadership is an approach to leadership that emphasizes building the leader’s legitimacy through honest relationships with followers which value their input and are built on an ethical foundation. Authentic leaders are positive people with truthful self-concepts who promote openness. (Wikipedia, 2017).    In the area of leadership development communication, credibility and trust it is prevalent as the authentic leader seeks to include others to participate, experiment, make mistakes and learn from them.  The authentic leader appreciates the smaller victories and incorporates them into the long term mission. An authentic leader believes in practicing what they preach and inspires those around them to work in partnership and nourishes a culture and climate of faith, trust and acceptance. An authentic leader is confident of their abilities and does not fear to share vulnerabilities.   In conclusion the authentic leadership theory and the authentic leader are immensely reliant on modeling by example, with genuine care and concern for their people. Authentic leadership is transparent, withholding high integrity and values towards a unified approach to reach expectations.

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