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2020-07-05 16:20

本报告分析的案例研究是“对弱势学习者的杰出支持:根与芽有限公司”。“根与芽”自1982年开始运营,成立的目的是帮助伦敦南部的贫困年轻人为工作世界做准备,并于1997年成为一个独立的慈善机构。在教育系统中遇到困难的16-24岁的学习者最多可获得该服务。他们参加为期40周的全日制培训项目,以帮助他们发展技能和信心,从而为他们的工作生活做好准备。“根与芽”提供个性化的项目,使年轻人能够获得技能、资格证书、自尊和未来的潜在就业机会。服务提供者声称他们在社区中有很强的联系,确保潜在的学习者被介绍给服务提供者,并为学习者提供工作安排的可能性。在检查期间,检查员对服务提供者设法与难以接触到的学习者接触的方式印象深刻,80%的学员通过参加其他培训项目或工作继续发展他们的学习,检查员称这是“对生活中严重不利的人非常有效的保障”(Ofsted, 2012)。在这种环境下的学习者据说有负面的教育经历,这可能是由于没有上学。学习者可能在学习上有个人障碍,例如,读写和/或计算能力差,学习困难,行为和/或愤怒管理问题,或者可能有犯罪历史。一些学习者是自己转介的,另一些是由学校转介的,或者是通过Connexions等服务转介的(Ofsted, 2012)。《成功在学校》(2018)建议,了解学习障碍有助于教师和学习提供者了解学生的个人需求。通过允许有这些负面教育经历的学习者加入他们的供应,他们可以克服他们学习的第一个最初的障碍。
澳洲昆士兰作业代写 案例研究
 The case study analysed in this report is ‘Outstanding support for disadvantaged learners: Roots and Shoots Limited’. Roots and Shoots has been operating since 1982 and was set up to help disadvantaged young people in South London to prepare for the world of work and they became an independent charity in 1997. Up to 33 learners aged 16-24 who have experienced difficulties in the education system can access the service. They spend 40 weeks in a full-time training programme which helps develop their skills and confidence therefore preparing them for work life. Roots and Shoots offer individualised programmes that enable young people to gain skills, qualifications, self-respect and potentially employment in the future. The provider claimed that they had strong links within the community which ensured potential learners were referred to the provider and provided learners with the possibility of work placement offers During the inspection, inspectors were impressed by how the provider had managed to engage with its hard to reach learners, with 80% of these learners continuing to develop their learning by embarking onto other training programmes or employment which the inspectors claimed was an ‘outstandingly effective provision for those with significant disadvantages in life’ (Ofsted, 2012). The learners in the setting were said to have had negative experiences of education, which could have been due to failure to attend school. Learners could have had personal barriers to learning, such as, poor literacy and/or numeracy skills, learning difficulties, behaviour and/or anger management problems or possibly a history of criminal offending.  Some learners had self-referred and others were referred by their school, or through services such as Connexions (Ofsted, 2012).  Success at School (2018) advise that having an awareness of barriers to learning could assist teachers and learning providers understand individual needs of the students. By allowing learners with these negative experiences of education into their provision, they could overcome their first initial barrier to learning.
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