新西兰assignment代写 特殊的社会

2020-07-21 05:33

关于Trompenaar的框架,巴西被认为是一个特殊的社会。关系被认为是最重要的。根据AACSB,"友好被认为是巴西文化的一个显著特征"。巴西将家庭置于社会体系的中心,严重依赖关系的建立。巴西的商业行为由个人的解释而非规则和条例来进行。它也被认为是一个社区主义社会,因为巴西所做的一切都是群体的努力。如前所述,巴西将家庭视为社会的重要组成部分,在这一点上,与社群主义的关系是 "从出生开始,[人们]就融入了强大的、有凝聚力的群体"(Manktelow 1)。正如在讨论高情境特征的背景时提到的,巴西往往是一个情感的国家,因此,使他们成为一个有效的社会。巴西人重视友谊和每一个新建立的关系中的亲密关系。他们往往会谈论个人生活、年龄、政治等。由于巴西的情感交易很重,在个人环境中的交往可能会流露到商业环境中,这意味着巴西是一种扩散性文化。在巴西,优越性运行垂直等级制度,"在那里,最高层的经理人做出了大部分的决定",考虑到每一个情况,与工作相关或不相关.巴西也适应更多的归属文化,因为由于他们注重关系的最重要的,他们倾向于寻找个人的行为方式。他们认为关系是一种奖励,而不是对所从事的业务的实际物质或 "头衔 "奖励。
新西兰assignment代写 特殊的社会
Regarding Trompenaar’s framework, Brazil is considered to be a particularistic society. Relationships are seen to be of the highest importance. According to AACSB, “cordiality [is] recognized as a distinguishing feature of Brazilian culture”. Brazil places the family at the center of their social system and depends heavily on the creation of relationships. Brazilian business behavior conducted by the interpretation of an individual rather than on rules and regulations. It is also considered to be a communitarian society because everything Brazil does is a group effort. As mentioned before, Brazil holds family as an important part of society, in that in relation to communitarian is that “from birth onwards [people] are integrated into strong, cohesive groups” (Manktelow 1). As mentioned when discussing the context of high context characteristics, Brazil tends to be an emotional country, therefore, making them an effective society. Brazil values friendship and intimacy in every newly established relationship. They tend to talk about personal life, age, politics, and etc. Because of the heavy emotional transactions in Brazil, interactions in a personal setting could exude into a business setting meaning that Brazil is a diffuse culture. In Brazil, superiority runs vertical hierarchy, “where managers at the top make most of the decisions” taking account of every situation, work-related or not.Brazil also adapts to a more ascription culture because since they focus on relationships at the utmost importance they tend to seek out how an individual behaves. They consider the relationship a reward versus an actual physical or “title” reward for business conducted.

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