新西兰作业代写 心理学与食物

2020-07-07 21:07

新西兰作业代写 心理学与食物
Three Chinese mid-scale restaurants were surveyed with full-table occupancies. 348 questionnaires were used. The result can be jotted down to 3 main points. Firstly, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable atmosphere can play a key role in satisfying customers’ overall experience and restaurant image. Secondly, perceived value plays a central role so while interior design and human elements were both significantly add value, it is important to upgrade employee training and education. Various visual elements must be considered when redecorating or redesigning the interior and décor such as wallpaper colors, paintings, decorative items, and interior plants to enhance the mood of the diners. Third, this study stresses on developing long-lasting relationships with customers as the emotional responses influence both perceived value and behavioral intentions.In this research, two large dining areas are selected which have daily dining services along with beverage service functions in urban setup, i.e., office and business district in Harbin (a city in China). A questionnaire survey was conducted which was divided into two parts.1. diners’ recognition of background sound sources and 2. Their evaluation of the overall sound environment and different individual sources of sound. The questionnaire was based on a five-point scale and a total of 926 valid surveys were accepted. Analysis of Pearson-Correlation was done to determine the factors and dominant sound sources influencing the diners’ comfort based on the sound environment. Second, Pearson-Correlation Analysis and Regression Analysis were applied to derive the factors affecting the acoustic comfort of dominant independent sound sources from characteristics of the sound sources.
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