新西兰assignment代写 哈罗德目标市场

2020-07-01 21:21

哈罗德目标市场细分是社会人口和地理细分的结合。社会人口统计在不同的地理位置有不同的变化(科特勒和阿姆斯特朗,2013)。哈罗德百货公司的典型消费者是那些拥有足够可支配收入,处于社会阶层顶端的上流社会人士。然而,在中国,由于近来中产阶级社会的激增,这为哈罗德百货公司提供了迅速打入市场的绝佳机会,因为中国中产阶级消费者正在寻找西方制造的奢侈品。此外,来自中国的买家将掌握Instagram、微信等社交媒体的最新技术和手段,在跟随最新时尚潮流的同时与品牌互动。在英国的商店方面,主要的商店位于伦敦市中心,富裕的个人是Harrods的主要顾客。与中国和中产阶级的增长相比,英国的经济是相对不同的,因为英国没有看到中产阶级的增长,英国的消费者没有足够的可支配收入来购买奢侈品(the Economist, 2014)。这说明了不同地区的社会人口统计和消费者生活方式的差异。此外,还有其他方法来细分市场,例如Harrods可以瞄准他们最优秀的消费者进行销售和增长,成为“超级消费者”(the Economist, 2014)。如果哈罗德百货能够成功打入中国市场并建立自己的品牌,这一点就可以做到。
新西兰assignment代写 哈罗德目标市场
 Harrods target market segment is a combination of socio demographic and geographic segmentations. Socio demographic varies differently in different geographic locations (Kotler and Armstrong, 2013). The typical consumers for Harrods are high class individuals who have sufficient disposable income and are on the top of the social hierarchy. However, in China due to the recent surge in growth of middle-class society, it provides Harrods the perfect opportunity to quickly tap into the market as the Chinese middle-class consumers seek western made luxury goods. In addition, buyers from China will be up to date with the latest technology and means of social media such as Instagram and WeChat to follow the latest fashion trends and interact with the brand at the same time. In terms of the UK stores, the main store is located in central London where wealthy individuals are primarily the main customers of Harrods. In contrast to China and the growth of middles class, the UK economy is relatively different as UK has not seen an increase in rise of middle class, consumers within the UK do not have enough disposable income to spend on luxury items (The Economist, 2014). This illustrates the difference in socio demographic and consumer lifestyle in different geographic locations. Further, there are other alternative approaches to segment the market, for instance Harrods can target their very best consumers for sales and growth to become ‘super consumers’ (The Economist, 2014). This could be done if Harrods can successfully penetrate and establish their brand in the Chinese market.

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