新西兰犯罪学作业代写 迷失自我

2020-06-28 09:31

在迷失了自己的内心之后(同时也交换了疯子其实是残忍的,有一个很低的静止脉搏),我们进入了我们品质的关键中尉和雷恩的焦点人物——头脑。就像他的传奇人物Cesare Lombroso一样,他相信罪犯的大脑有明显的亮点。他检查了从死囚牢房中招募来的杀人犯的前额叶皮层,据大家所知,前额叶皮层是控制犯罪的关键部位,他发现,这些人对他给他们的计划都认真考虑过——在重要区域的行动减少了。他的结论是,由于他们的前额部分懒惰,他们倾向于邪恶。令人震惊的是,正如他发现的那样,许多不同的杀手在前额皮质有非常典型的活动。他说,这是“特殊情况”,“证明了标准”。只有热血的杀手才有表现不佳的时候;杀手,确定杀手与其他地方的常规有所不同——在思想上更深刻。他在这一点上的论点受到了另一个打击:“典型的”个人,包括雷恩本人,对于一些连续的刽子手来说,从根本上来说,与思想是一样的。他通过在大脑中移动来保持在冰的裂缝前面,指责精确的脑回、海马体、杏仁核、后扣带体、纹状体和短暂的皮质。他甚至可以阐明,强迫性说谎者的前额叶皮层会被认为是过度锻炼了这个结构。只要有这样做的意愿,任何东西都可以做成合适的。Raine的主要观点是,无论伟大还是可怕,我们都是我们心灵的玩具——“无论如何,自由都是一个悲剧的梦想”(跌跌撞撞的机器人的到来)——这提出了一个问题:为什么我们应该在寻找原因时止步于大脑。假设这是一个连接到物质世界的物质抗议,“我的大脑影响我这样做”应该转化为“大爆炸”影响我这样做。说实话,在不可预知的人生轮回中,心灵只是其中的一个参与者,而不是我们命运的开始和结束。
新西兰犯罪学作业代写 迷失自我
  After a straying into the heart (and an exchange of the way that maniacs are actually cutthroat, having a low resting pulse), we move to our qualities’ key lieutenant and Raine’s focal character, the mind. Like his legend, Cesare Lombroso, he trust that the criminal cerebrum has unmistakable highlights. He examined the prefrontal cortex, the piece of the mind as far as anyone knows key to restraint, in killers enlisted from death row and discovered that they gave careful consideration to the undertakings he set them- – there was decreased action in the significant region. His decision is that they were inclined to viciousness by their lazy prefrontal parts. Shockingly, as he finds, numerous different killers have superbly typical action in the prefrontal cortex. This is “the special case”, he says, “that demonstrates the standard”. Just hot-blooded killers have underperformance around there; cutthroat, ascertaining killers have variations from the norm somewhere else – more profound in the mind. His contention at that point gets another blow: “typical” individuals, including Raine himself, have fundamentally the same as minds to some sequential executioners. He keeps in front of the splits in the ice by moving around the mind, blaming the precise gyrus and the hippocampus, the amygdala, the back cingulate, the striatum, the fleeting cortex. He can even clarify the greater prefrontal cortex in obsessive liars as being expected to over-exercise of this structure. Everything can be made to fit, if there is the will to do as such. Raine’s key idea that, great or terrible, we are the toys of our minds – “through and through freedom is tragically a dream” (the arrival of the stumbling robots) – brings up the issue of why we should stop at the cerebrum in our look for causes. Given that it is a material protest wired into the material world, “my cerebrum influenced me to do it” ought to convert into “the Big Bang” influenced me to do it. Truth be told, the mind is nevertheless one player in the unpredictable round of life, not the start and end of our fate.

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