新西兰代写assignment 抑郁症状

2020-06-25 20:34

金先生已经显露出明显的抑郁症状,这是他来访的原因。他还表现出强迫症。他有焦虑、快感缺乏、失眠、绝望、注意力难以集中以及最近几个月的自杀倾向。症状已经超过了两周的时间这些症状对他的生活质量有影响,而且不会给人留下由药物使用或任何其他医疗问题引起的印象。他确实被诊断为重度抑郁症。King谈到了强迫和强迫在第一阶段,这并不常见。大多数客户会与双方进行对话,直到双方完全信任并建立了关系。因此,在许多情况下,它需要进一步的问题,让客户交流意见、感觉和行为,这些可能会让他们感到不舒服和私密。DSM-5将强迫症描述为2个相关的品质:“首先,强迫症是经常性的、持续的想法、冲动或图像,它们是侵入性的、不想要的。它们通常是由焦虑或苦恼引起的。其次,个体试图通过一些其他的想法或行为来忽略、抑制或中和这些症状,例如:表现出一种强迫性的行为”(美国精神病学协会Mr. King传达了许多强迫性的想法。这些强迫症包括污染(害怕感染艾滋病毒)、攻击性(有攻击性的打别人的画面、顾忌(害怕听起来冒犯或不准确)和对称性(水位的准确性)。试图忽视或屏蔽这些想法、欲望或形象会以逃避的形式出现,直接导致相当大的无能。对于金来说,这无疑是正确的,他会在强迫症的例行公事中花费数小时,逃避自己的公寓,参与社交活动,完成最基本的任务。金还提出了许多强制措施。金先生表达了过度的洗手、检查(写日记)、重复(反复澄清他所说的话)和精神冲动(在脑海中反复播放之前的对话)。强迫性行为被定义为反复出现的行为(如洗手)或心理行为(如数数),这些行为是人们感到被迫采取的回应强迫症的行为,或根据需要严格执行的规则。这些行为或心理活动应该是针对减少痛苦或避免一些恐惧的事件,但它们也可能是极端的或实际上与可预测的事件无关。
新西兰代写assignment 抑郁症状
Mr. King has disclosed noticeable depressive symptoms, which was the reason for his visit. He also displays obsessions and compulsions. He shared dysphoria, anhedonia, insomnia, hopelessness, difficulty concentrating, and current, within the past few months, suicidality. The symptoms have surpassed the required two weeks. The symptoms have an effect on his quality of living and don’t give the impression to be caused by substance use or any other medical problem. He does warrant a major depression diagnosis.Mr. King has talked about both obsessions, and compulsions in the first session, this is not common. A majority of clients will hold conversations of both until there is complete trust and a relationship is established. Therefore, in many cases, it entails further questions, for clients to communicate opinions, feelings, and behaviors which could be uncomfortable and private to them  The DSM-5 describes obsessions as having 2 associated qualities: “First, they are recurrent, persistent thoughts, urges, or images that are intrusive and unwanted. They are generally induced anxiety or distress. Second, the individual tries to ignore, suppress, or neutralize these symptoms through some other thought or action, for example: performing a compulsion” (American Psychiatric Association Mr. King conveys numerous obsessions. These obsessions comprise of contamination (fear of contracting HIV), aggression (intrusive images of hitting someone, scrupulosity (fear of sounding offensive or inaccurate), and symmetry (exactness in the level of water). Attempts to disregard or block out the thoughts, desires, or images can take the form of evading and direct to a sizeable incapacity. This is undoubtedly true for Mr. King, who spends hours of his OCD routines and evades leaving his apartment, partaking in social relationships, and carrying out the most basic of errands.Mr. King also has presented numerous compulsions. Mr. Kings conveys excessive hand washing, checking (keeping diaries), repeating (clarifying what he said repeatedly), and mental compulsions (replaying prior conversations in his mind).Compulsions are defined as recurring behavior (Ex. hand washing) or mental actions (Ex. counting) that the person feels compelled to act upon in response to an obsession, or according to rules that need to be strictly enforced. These behaviors or mental activities should be directed at decreasing anguish or avoiding some feared event, but they would also be either extreme or practically unrelated to the predictable event. 
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