新西兰assignment代写 抑郁症

2020-06-16 01:24

据我观察,珍妮正在经历抑郁症。抑郁是一种常见的精神障碍,表现为情绪低落、兴趣或乐趣丧失、精力下降、内疚感或自我价值感低下、睡眠或食欲紊乱、注意力不集中(WHO 2012)123。珍妮的解释与这一描述相符,因为她曾在工作中痛斥她的同事,她的疲劳,她无法集中精力工作和学习,这导致了她的反复无常,最终失去了工作。选择CBT的一个主要原因是它对抑郁症的疗效,它的效果已经被证明与抗抑郁药(三环类抗抑郁药在改善抑郁症方面)相当或更好。CBT还能让患者在没有外部输入的情况下更好地应对未来抑郁发作。因为她的思想和情绪的反应方式,她也在经历焦虑、上瘾和失去。她认为失去心爱的工作意味着幸福生活的结束。她也害怕结交新朋友,因为她认为这是她朋友负责设置当前路径通过引入她她沉迷于来访的会所,然后导致她成为一个酒鬼从而导致她失去她的工作和目前的困境,现在她发现自己创建的。事实上,她真的需要改变消极的想法和感受,这样她就可以开始思考方向,将导致健康的思想和行为也突出了林恩,这种方法是非常有效的病人被教导的方法识别和记录无意识的思想在他们的日常活动和辅助打击他们。随着自动思维的结束,它们所代表的基本惯例变得更加清晰,治疗师可以开始使用各种技术,让患者检查他们假设的逻辑,并用更积极的结果取代它们。
新西兰assignment代写 抑郁症
From my observations Jenny is experiencing depression. Depression is a common mental disorder that presents with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, decreased energy, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, and poor concentration (WHO 2012)123. Jenny’s explanation fits with this description as her experience of lashing out at her colleagues at work, her tiredness, her inability to concentrate at work and her studies, which then lead to her inconsistency and ultimately the loss of her job.A Major reason for choosing CBT is due to its effectiveness on depression, it has been demonstrated to produce results on par or greater than antidepressants (tricyclic antidepressants in ameliorating depression). CBT also allows patients to deal better with future episodes of depression withough external input.  As she is also experiencing anxiety, addiction and loss because of the way her thoughts and emotions have reacted. She thinks that having lost her beloved job now means an end to a happy life. She is also scared of making new friends because she believes that it was friends who were responsible for setting her down her current path by introducing her to the club house where she got addicted to visiting, which then lead to her becoming an alcoholic thereby leading to her losing her job and created the present predicament where she now finds herself. As a matter of fact, she really needs to change her negative thoughts and feeling so that she can begin thinking in a direction that will lead to healthier thoughts and behaviour as highlighted by Lynn, this approach is very effective as patients are taught methods for identifying and recording automatic thoughts in their day to day activities and are aided in countering them. As automatic thoughts are gone over, the underlying conventions they represent become clearer and the therapist can then begin to use a variety of techniques to get patients to examine the logic of their assumptions and to replace them with more positive outcomes.
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