新西兰assignment代写 麦当劳

2020-05-03 05:02

麦当劳很好的照顾员工,他们做了很多的改进。他们有一个福利计划,提供财政支持,如退休福利制度,并有很多保险来支持他们的员工。企业有灵活的工作时间,所以员工可以随时工作,这将有利于有孩子的父母和那些可能需要照顾的人。如果她们生过孩子,并且有护理假制度,她们就会给这些家庭带薪假。他们还有一个特殊的生日带薪假,这样员工在庆祝日就不用工作了。这意味着企业有一个很好的文化来照顾好他们的员工。在麦当劳工作时,员工有可能获得晋升,并在新工作中发挥作用。这是一个扩展他们事业的机会,也是一个让他们取得成就的机会。然而,麦当劳也涉及童工问题。在一篇电报文章中(伦尼)。(D, 2000)报告称,“14年来,我们一直在中国南方的血汗工厂为一家汉堡包连锁店的供应商制造玩具。”“据报道,他们每小时的工资是2元人民币(2英镑),工作时间不限。”“这表明,企业没有监控供应商,而是只关注自己组织内的员工。”重要的是,企业要监控他们的供应来自哪里,他们是否也通过给他们公平的工资和安全的工作环境来照顾他们的员工。
新西兰assignment代写 麦当劳
CSR report (2015) McDonald takes good care of their employees, and they have made a lot of improvements. They have a welfare program by giving financial support such as retirements benefit system and have a lot of insurances to support their employees. The businesses have flexible working hours, so employees could work whenever they are available, this will benefit the parents with children and those who may be caring. They support the families by giving them a paid leave if they have had childbirth and they have nursing leave system. They also have a special birthday paid leave so the employees do not have to work on their celebration day. This means the business has a good culture of taking good care of their employees. While working at McDonald it is possible for employees to make their way up and play a role in new jobs. This is an opportunity to extend their careers and making their way up to achieve.However, McDonald has also been involved in child labour. In a Telegraph article (Rennie. D, 2000) it states that “14 Years have been found making toys in South Chinese sweatshop for a supplier to the hamburger chain.” “It was reported that they were paid 2 Renmibi (£2) an hour for the unlimited number of hours.” This shows the business was not monitoring their suppliers and only focused on their own employees within their organisation. It is important that business is monitoring where their supplies are coming from and if they are also taking care of their employees by giving them a fair wage and having a safe environment to work.
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