新西兰环境assignment代写 汽车工业品

2020-05-01 04:30

内翅片用于相变材料储存(PCM)。在汽车工业等几个实际领域中,PCM被用来平衡暂时的温度变化和储存能量。利用内翅片可以大大提高流体通过微通道的传热速率。T。Kanthimathi[1]重点研究径向复合翅片,以提高其在多种应用中的传热速率。y Pratapa Reddy[2],制作圆形针鳍由不同的金属,铝、铜、铝和铜和铜和铜作为复合酒吧和分析他们的表现的翅片效率、传热率和江沿翅片温度分布。[3]测量传统硅胶涂层换热器的性能(SGCHE),一种新的复合硅胶涂层换热器提出了(孕妇)和捏造。吴学红[4]对雷诺数Re = 304 ~ 2130范围内的空气侧传热和流体流动进行了数值模拟研究。本研究的目的是研究复合内纵翅片在圆管入口区域和完全发达区域对传热特性的影响。本试验采用砂型铸造工艺制造黄铜管。复合材料是由98%的纯铝制成的。在这个实验中,纯碳化硅被用于10%的重量分数与铝。加入Mg (1wt %)可改善陶瓷颗粒的润湿性和掺入率。采用微尺度碳化硅颗粒作为纯铝的增强剂,制备铸铝基复合材料,并加入Mg (1wt %)改善陶瓷颗粒的润湿性和掺入率。
新西兰环境assignment代写 汽车工业品
Internal fins are used in phase change material storages (PCM). PCM are used to balance the temporary temperature alteration and to store energy in several practical fields like automobile industries. The rate of heat transfer from fluid flowing through the micro channels can be greatly enhanced by use of internal fins. T.Kanthimathi [1] focused on the study of the radial composite fins to increase the heat transfer rate in many applications. Y. Pratapa Reddy[2] made to fabricate circular pin fin made of different metals, Aluminium ,Copper, combination of Aluminium and Copper and combination of Brass and Copper as composite bars and analyzed their performance in terms of fin efficiency , heat transfer rate and temperature distribution along the fin. Jiang[3] measured the performance of conventional silica gel coated heat exchanger (SGCHE), a novel composite silica gel coated heat exchanger (CCHE) was proposed and fabricated. Wu Xuehong[4] investigated the performance of air-side heat transfer and fluid flow by numerical simulation for Reynolds number ranging from Re = 304 to 2130. The objective of the research is to study the effect of composite internal longitudinal fins in a circular tube on heat transfer characteristics in the entrance region as well as in the fully developed region.Sand casting was used in this experiment to manufacture brass pipe. Composites were made from 98% pure aluminum. In this experiment pure SiC was used in 10 % weight fraction with aluminum. Mg (1 wt %) was added to improve the wettability and incorporation fraction of ceramic particles. Micro-sized SiC particles were used as reinforcement of pure aluminum to fabricate as-cast aluminum matrix composite, and Mg (1 wt%) was added to improve the wettability and incorporation fraction of ceramic particles.
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