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2020-09-22 00:19

奥克兰社会学代写 公共资源
 There are also online sources which house a very large collections of videos that are available from Public Domain resources, like the Federal Government National Archives and Records Administration which maintains a large collection of videos about History, Science, Technology, Culture, and many other topics. Using this technique, as well as the videos and online material also helps to keep the material in the subject being taught, up-to-date. Another advantage of this method is that is does allow for more interaction between teachers and students, as well as between a student and their peers. The student takes partial responsibility for their own learning and thereby assumes more of an investment than if the material were presented by a teacher using Power Point slides.Flipped Instruction has another added benefit. “A flipped classroom is also a great differentiated instruction strategy” (Hubbard, 2018). Ms. Hubbard (2018) suggests the first step to Flipping Instruction is to assign the reading and video review assignments to the students. In order for this assignment to have purpose, rather than just be the same old homework assignment, “ask the students to answer some questions about the readings or videos to review in class. You could give all students the same question or vary your questions” (Hubbard, 2018). This is the point at which differentiation can be addressed. The videos can be made available in different languages for ESL (English as a Second Language) students, as well as Closed Captioning for Hearing Impaired students. For students who experience more difficulty interpreting reading and video material, instructors may give students differentiated question assignments. These would include possibly fewer questions that require less interpretation, but still allows them to participate in the material review in class. These questions can also be differentiated using multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, or matching, rather than open-ended essay questions. The hands-on activities which are Instructor-led, can be differentiated for students with different education strengths.
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