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2020-09-15 06:52

在整个澳大利亚,我们的孩子成长在不属于他们自己的文化中,成长在不属于他们自己的社会中,成长在不属于他们自己的传统和习俗中。当他们长大后,他们会去寻找他们来自哪里,属于哪里。然而,对于土著人来说,这个国家是他们的。有一些习俗对于土著文化来说是绝对重要的,包括家庭、灵性、信仰和土地(Noongar culture, 2018)。当这些概念中的一个被移除时,我们的整体就会崩溃。这就是发生在我们的孩子身上的事情,他们被带走、偷走、转移,影响了他们在自己土地上的位置,也影响了他们被告知“不属于自己”的位置(Noongar, Culture, 2018)。被偷走的一代影响着所有的土著人,由于这个历史性的事件,现在土著人的监禁率很高(Harrison & Sellwood, 2016)。这在许多方面影响了土著人民,在生活的各个领域如滚雪球般的蔓延,包括社会经济水平低的社区、健康问题、教育水平低或没有教育、吸毒和酗酒以及自杀(Harrison & Sellwood, 2016)。通过创建一个整个学校的方法,有凝聚力,集体协作行动的学校社区战略,将改善学生的学习、行为和健康的条件支持这些“被偷走的一代”是指的原住民儿童从他们的家庭由澳大利亚政府机构和教会任务(Encycolopedia, 2018)。最初被认为是儿童福利的做法被一些人认为造成了广泛的家庭和文化损害(Lloyd, et al, 2015)。迁移的性质、范围及其对被迁移者的影响,在澳大利亚国内是一个颇有争议和政治辩论的话题(Encyclopedia, 2018)。根据官方的政府报告,至少有3万到10万名儿童离开了他们的父母。根据百分率估计,在七十年间出生的所有土著儿童中有10-30%被移除。虽然完全是土著血统的孩子被排除在外,但一般来说,拥有一个或多个欧洲祖先的“混合血统”的孩子是最受攻击的对象(百科全书,2018年)。从父母身边带走的孩子被教导要拒绝本土遗产,并被迫接受白人文化(威尔逊-米勒,北达科他州)。他们的名字经常被更改,而且他们被禁止说他们的传统语言。一些儿童被白人家庭收养,许多被安置在虐待和忽视很常见的机构(威尔逊-米勒,北达科他州)。
奥克兰教育学代写 澳洲教育
Throughout Australia we have children who are growing up in a culture that is not theirs, in a society that is not theirs and in traditions and customs that are not theirs. When they grow up, they go and find where they are from and where they belong. However, for Aboriginal people, this country is theirs. There are customs that are absolutely paramount to Aboriginal culture including family, spirituality, beliefs and land (Noongar Culture, 2018). When one of these concepts is removed, there is a breakdown of the wholeness of our beings. This is what happened with our children who were taken, stolen and removed, impacting their placement on their land and where they were told they ‘do not belong’ (Noongar, Culture, 2018). The Stolen Generation impacts all Aboriginal people and as a result of this historic event, there is now a high rate of incarceration for Aboriginal people (Harrison & Sellwood, 2016). This has led onto affecting Aboriginal people in many ways, snowballing through various areas in life including low socio-economic communities, health issues, low or no education, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide (Harrison & Sellwood, 2016). By creating a whole school approach, cohesive, collective and collaborative action in a school community that is strategically constructed, will improve student learning, behaviour and wellbeing, and the conditions that support these The term Stolen Generation refers to the removal of Aboriginal children from their families by Australian government agencies and church missions (Encycolopedia, 2018). Originally considered child welfare, the practice is perceived by some as having wreaked extensive family and cultural damage (Lloyd, et al, 2015). The nature of the removals, their extent, and its effects on those removed, is a topic of considerable dispute and political debate within Australia (Encyclopedia, 2018). According to the official government report, at least 30,000 to 100 000 children were removed from their parents. Percentage estimates were given that 10-30% of all Aboriginal children born during the seventy-year period were removed. Although children of full Aboriginal descent were removed, in general the children of “mixed descent”, having one or more European ancestors, were the most targeted (Encyclopedia, 2018). Children taken from their parents were taught to reject their Indigenous heritage, and forced to adopt white culture (Wilson-Miller, n.d.). Their names were often changed, and they were forbidden to speak their traditional languages. Some children were adopted by white families, and many were placed in institutions where abuse and neglect were common (Wilson-Miller, n.d.).
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