奥克兰assignment代写 整体护理

2020-08-08 11:22

以人为本的整体护理需要护理团队所有成员的协作(参考)。回顾过去,我们可以了解到情况是危及生命的,需要立即和协调的反应,从我们的护理人员团队。重访这个事件的主要原因是为了回顾和反思我在这个事件中所经历的,并可能从这个具有挑战性和复杂的情况中吸取教训。我需要回答的问题是,那天我做的让她在轮班病房做准备的决定是合适的还是可以改进的。我最初的任务是认真准确地分析情况——按照Belbin的团队角色,我是一个完成者,我意识到a夫人迫切需要一张床,以便为她的手术做准备(Bronson, 2018)。团队进行了简短的会面,并就一些行动计划达成了一致。护士长的反应非常恰当,她给病人进行了咨询,确保她打电话给她的近亲,给她注射了套管,并取了血液进行全血细胞计数和分组。与我喜欢的团队角色相反,我把一些任务委托给了HCA,包括检查她的生命体征,把结果交给工作人员,以及把A女士的血液带到实验室,以便她去剧院时可以紧急处理。当护工和A女士在一起的时候,我打电话给病床经理,告诉他病房里有一个病人急需一张床,准备进行紧急手术。病床经理给我回了电话,告诉我医院没有床位了。我觉得这种反应是不可接受的。我觉得床经理不合作,她本可以在这种危及生命的情况下安排一张床。我感到愤怒和沮丧,因为在这个单位没有应急计划来处理这样的情况。
奥克兰assignment代写 整体护理
Person centred care that is holistic requires the collaboration of all members of a care team (ref). Looking back one can appreciate that the situation was life threatening and required immediate and coordinated response from our team of care practitioners. The main reason for revisiting this event is to review and reflect upon what I experienced during about this incident, and possibly learn from what was a challenging and complicated situation. The question I need to answer is whether the decision I made on that day to prepare her in a make shift ward was appropriate or could be improved.My initial role was to carefully and accurately analyse the situation -in line with my Belbin’s team role of a completer finisher, and realised Mrs A will need to have a bed urgently with which she can be prepared for her surgery (Bronson, 2018). The team met briefly and agreed some action plans. The response of the staff nurse was very appropriate as she counselled the patient and made sure she rang her next of kin and cannulate her and take bloods for full blood count and group. Contrary to my preferred team role I delegated some tasks to the HCA including checking her vital signs, giving the results to the staff as well as taking Mrs A’s blood to the lab so it can be processed urgently as she was going to the theatre. While the staff nurse was with Mrs A, I bleeped the bed manager about a patient needing a bed urgently on the ward in preparation for an emergency surgery. The bed manager rang back and informed me that there were no beds available in the hospital.  I found this response unacceptable. I felt as if the bed manager was uncooperative and she could have done more to arrange for a bed in such a life-threatening situation. I was angry and frustrated that there is no contingency plan to deal with a situation like this at the unit.
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