新西兰代写护理assignment 自我反省

2020-08-04 06:51

事件发生后不久,我经历了一段痛苦的自我反省时期。我担心当我把送血车移到另一个房间时,无意中引入了血液污染的可能性,从而造成更大的伤害。但在反思,我认为我的决定是合适的,因为我有一个女士的注意义务(拉尔森,Sahlsten, 2016)作为她的医疗团队领袖,因为有严格的安全措施以确保血液不污染.Retrospectively,我意识到,作为团队领导者优先夫人的需要高于一切,首先确保创建一个房间为她确保她的隐私,在维护尊严和保密的同时,还要为该单位的其他病人提供护理,确保诊所始终运行顺利,并确保所有专利的安全。根据专家(ref)的说法,异位妊娠是指受精卵被植入子宫内膜外时发生的妊娠。医学专家认为,这种情况引起的并发症仍然是妊娠头三个月死亡和发病的最重要原因之一。典型的治疗包括手术或甲氨蝶呤。当出现并发症的直接原因时,医生通常会开手术处方,就像A夫人的情况一样。因此,正是这种认识促使我采取行动,尽可能快地为a太太铺张床。伦理方面的考虑还表明,卫生从业人员必须始终援引“不伤害”原则,即“首先不伤害”。优先考虑A女士需求的决定也是基于这样一种原则,即护士有责任确保他们的客户不受到伤害或受到任何伤害。
新西兰代写护理assignment 自我反省
Not too long after the incident I went through an agonising period of self-examination. I was worried in case I had inadvertently introduced the possibility of blood contamination when I moved the blood trolley to another room thereby causing more harm. But on reflection, I concluded that my decision was appropriate both because I have a duty of care to Mrs A (Larsson, and Sahlsten, 2016) as her medical team leader and because there are stringent safeguards in place to ensure bloods taken are not contaminated .Retrospectively, I realised that as the team leader I had prioritised Mrs A’s needs above all else by first ensuring that a room was created for her ensuring her privacy, dignity and confidentiality are maintained as well as deliver care to other patients on the unit, making sure the clinic always run smoothly and ensuring the safety of all patents. Ectopic pregnancy, according to experts (ref) is an incidence when a fertilized ovum is implanted outside endometrium. Medical experts believe that the complications that arises from this situation remains the one of the most significant causes of death and morbidity during the first trimester. Treatment typically consist of either surgery or with methotrexate. Doctors will usually prescribe surgery as in the case of Mrs A when there is an immediate cause for complications arising. Consequently, it was this knowledge that prompted my action to create a bed for Mrs A as quickly as possible. Ethical considerations also suggest that health practitioners must always invoke the Principle of Non-Maleficence, meaning “first do no harm”. The decision to prioritise Mrs A’s need was also guided by this principle that puts the onus on nurses to ensure that their clients are not harmed or come to any harm 。
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