新西兰代写assignment 终身学习

2020-08-11 07:31

终身学习可以通过不同的学习理论来实现。Pritchard(2013)讨论了行为主义、社会学习理论和社会建构主义等学习理论使个体能够学习。在这篇文章中,我将只关注社会学习理论,因为它是最有利于我作为一个学生护士比其他学习理论。Bandura(1977)提出了社会学习理论,认为个体是通过观察和模仿他人的行为来学习的,尤其是那些对个体很重要的行为,如父母和老师。作为一名实习护士,社会学习理论与我息息相关,因为我将在实践中观察我的导师。在实践中,通过观察我的导师和那些对我的临床学习很重要的人,我会以类似于我观察到的方式完成任务和照顾病人。但是,我认为Bandura(1977)的社会学习理论有一定的局限性。正如Ion等人(2017)所说,实习护士和助产士在实习期间可能会遇到不良的实践和护理,我可能会模仿不良的实践并养成坏习惯。为了克服这个问题,我将遵循由NMC管理的揭发政策,NMC揭发政策(2013)。此外,如果我在实习的任何阶段感到脆弱,我会向我的链接和大学的私人讲师寻求支持。终生学习可以通过使用不同的学习方式来获益。Anderson(2016)指出,理论学家如Kolbs ' s learning Cycle、VARK和Felder- Silverman学习风格模型发展了不同的学习风格模型。然而,对于这篇文章,我将集中在Honey和Mumford模型,因为它与我作为一个学生护士最相关。根据Honey和Mumford(1992),有四种学习风格偏好:反射者、活动家、实用主义者和理论家、Rassool & Rawaf(2008)。当我完成问卷并发现我最好的学习风格方法是reflector style,这意味着我最好的学习方式是通过观察他人并花时间去学习,Rassool & Rawaf(2008)。这意味着作为一名实习护士,我可以更好、更有效地准备论文写作,并在我观察导师的实践过程中记下笔记。然而,这可能会阻碍我作为一名实习护士,因为我可能需要快速思考和行动,在特定的情况下,如果不能观察、反思和花时间思考,我可能不会在紧急情况下表现良好。然而,我认为Honey和Mumford模型有局限性。Astin等(2006)指出,一个人至少可以有两种首选的学习方法。
新西兰代写assignment 终身学习
Lifelong learning can be achieved through different learning theories. Pritchard (2013) discusses that learning theories such as behaviourism, the social learning theory and social constructivism enable individuals learning. For this essay, I will only be focussing on the social learning theory as it is the most beneficial to me as a student nurse than other learning theories. Bandura (1977) developed the social learning theory and believes that individuals learned by observing the behaviour of others and imitating that behaviour, especially those of importance to individuals such as parent and teachers. The social learning theory is relevant to me as a student nurse as I will be observing my mentor in practice. By observing my mentor and of those who have importance to me for my clinical learning in practice, I will complete tasks and care to patients in a similar way to what I have observed. However, I believe  there are some limitations to Bandura’s (1977) social learning theory. As Ion et al (2017) state that student nurses and midwives may encounter poor practice and care while on practice placement and, I may imitate poor practice and acquire bad habits. To overcome this, I would follow the whistle-blowing policy as governed by the NMC, NMC whistle-blowing policy (2013). Furthermore, I would seek support from my link and personal lecturers at university if I feel vulnerable during any stage in practice placement.Lifelong learning can be benefited by using different approaches to learning styles. Anderson (2016) states that there are different models of learning styles that have been developed by theorists such as Kolbs’ Learning Cycle, VARK and Felder- Silverman Learning Style model. However, for this essay, I will be focussing on the Honey and Mumford model as it has the most relevant to me as a student nurse. According to Honey and Mumford (1992), there are four learning style preferences: reflector, activist, pragmatist and theorist, Rassool & Rawaf (2008). When I completed the questionnaire and founded that my best learning style method is reflector style, this means that I learn best by observing others and take time my time to learn, Rassool & Rawaf (2008). This means as a student nurse I can prepare better and more effectively for essay writing and taking down notes from my mentor when I observe her in practice. However, this may inhibit me as a student nurse as I may need to think and act fast in particular circumstances and without being able to observe, reflect and take the time think, I may not act well in emergencies. However, I believe there are limitations to Honey and Mumford model. Astin et al (2006) state an individual can have at least two preferred learning methods.
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