新西兰代写Case study论文

2017-01-07 06:20

Joe Bert's Car Wash will distinguish itself on the basis of the trained professional cleaner that the firm will employee for the purpose of car cleaning. The organization will look for young people who could share the basic insight of the business owner of providing quality manual car cleaning to its target market. These people will be provided through training and development not only on how to better manual clean different automobiles but also regarding how to better handle customers. By ensuring proper customer's services at the operating level the organization will be in better position to attract and retain customers (Unruh, 2004). Instead of using the machine cleaning process, Joe Bert's Car Wash will be using the manual car washing which although cost more the organization on per unit basis as it is much more labor intensive (Aaker, 2003). However, utilizing the manual car washing, Joe Bert's Car Wash could provide better services as through this manner the organization could not only clean the exteriors of car but also the interiors which are usually more important for certain customers. The firm will use personalize service provision, and the process for this purpose will be design in such a manner that will ensure customer's satisfaction (Wilson et al., 2005). 

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