惠灵顿维多利亚大学case study代写

2017-01-06 20:52

A business organization usually exists to accomplish certain long-term goals and objectives besides satisfying customer's needs and wants. However, the satisfaction of such needs and wants requires an appropriate understanding of the basic customer's needs and how such wants could be transformed into different wants (Malhotra & Briks, 2007). Essentially the marketing research is a tool that helps a business organization in the identification of customer's needs and wants and how such needs and wants could be fulfilled (Proctor, 2005). Thus the marketing research serves dual purposes by first identification the range of opportunities that a business organization may capitalize and the appropriate marketing mix that could be used for satisfying such needs and wants. A marketing strategy that is based on the marketing research usually enable a business organization to have better focus on its long-term goals and objectives by consistently modifying the firm's marketing mix according to the demands of the target market  (Malhotra & Briks, 2007).
With this in mind, Joe Bert's Car Wash need to conduct the marketing research in order to identify whether a demand for the car wash services in the Bellchester area exists or not. In addition to the identification of the opportunities the marketing research will also help the business organization in the identification that how the business organization could better satisfy the car wash needs of people living in the area or those of the nearby places. Essentially the business organization is confronted with different choices in terms of marketing mix (Hair, Bush, & Ortinau, 2005). For example, in terms of product, whether the organization should offer an automatic car wash, or a manual car wash. Whether the organization should use premium pricing strategy or whether the organization should use the market penetration pricing strategy to attract more customers. These sorts of questions could better be answer only when the organization will conduct a precise marketing research that will help the business organization in gathering marketing intelligence that will help Joe Bert's Car Wash to better meet its long-term goals and objectives (Bradley, 2010). 

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