Business Analysis代写:上海股票市场

2017-02-02 01:34


On the basis of CAMP model, the empirical research regarding to the Shanghai stock market investment risk is carried on. According to the inspection results, the following conclusion is worked out:
  1. In different period, the degree of beta coefficient’s explanation for market risk is different.
  2. Although not obvious, there is a certain linear relationship between yields and beta coefficient in the whole period. Combined with the domestic scholar's research results before, the capital asset pricing model is gradually corresponding to the Shanghai stock market, one vital reason is that the stock market in our country is becoming mature day by day.
  3. In different period, the degree of risk explanation based on CAPM model is different.
In a word, the research shows that the capital asset pricing model theory is not completely suitable for Shanghai stock market’s current development situation. According to the research of the domestic scholars in this area before, the current Shanghai stock market has been immersed in long-term development compared with previous years. The capital asset pricing model theory has been partially fit for Shanghai stock market present development situation. When using the capital asset pricing theory to invest, flexibility are needed in the actual market situation, and blindly copy is absolutely not suggested.

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