奥克兰论文代写 公共健康和经济

2020-07-03 17:11

奥克兰论文代写 公共健康和经济
If someone were to be rushed into the hospital in an emergency, how much money that person could pay would not matter. It is the doctor, nurse, and any other medical professional’s job to get that person stabilized no matter the person’s financial status. A person cannot be sent away because they appear to have no money, if it is an emergency there are laws set in place to help that person until they are stabilized. According to the “Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act” even if the patient is unable to pay, the doctors must do everything they can to make sure the patient is stabilized before they can present the patient with medical bills (US Legal, Inc.). However, after the patient has been stabilized any further medical operations, testing, and other things will be billed to the patient. It is a doctor’s job to save people but they also must be paid for their service so they cannot provide free care to everyone. As much as doctors would like to help their patients in any way they can they must also keep in mind that their paychecks could become less and their place of employment could potentially become bankrupt. The patients’ bills cover the medial professionals check and the hospitals revenue, by providing free healthcare the doctor and hospital will lose money  Healthcare is very expensive nowadays, some patients cannot afford it resulting in hospitals losing a lot of their money, doctors should not provide free care for they will be greatly affected by the loss of revenue. The economy today seems as if it is doing just fine, yet there are middle class and lower-class citizens who cannot pay their house bill or even provide food for their families, much less pay off their medical bills. One trip to the emergency room could leave a patient in thousands of dollars of debt. Hospitals can help patients to set up payment plans so that the hospitals and doctors can receive their revenue and the patient will not have to pay off their bill all at once. The patient could gradually pay it off so that it will not cause them anymore financial problems. Doctors cannot handout free care constantly, their salaries would show an extensive downsize. In conclusion, it would be unfair to medical professionals if they provided free healthcare more often.
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