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2020-06-11 23:59

创伤后成长与创伤后折旧的研究:两个探索性研究。该期刊很有趣,因为它在上一篇论文中提出了关于临床背景下繁荣概念的问题,重新痛苦和成长并存,并介绍了创伤后成长量表。这项研究的假设是,人们在经历压力事件后会同时经历增长和贬值。讨论了这些问题的意义。在本综述中,有两种测量PTG和PTD的工具:压力相关生长量表(SRGS) (Park, Cohen and Murch 1996)和创伤后生长量表(PTGI) (Tedeschi and Calhoun 1996)。这些量表被证明是成功的,因为那些与个体亲近的人的反应都同意测试的结果与他们对自己亲戚/朋友的看法一致。量表的局限性在于,个体只能报告他们成长的积极方面,而不是消极方面。进一步从这个尺度发展,正面和负面的影响,测量的变化前景调查问卷(约瑟夫等人,1993)尽管这似乎一致和可靠的发现是一样脆弱的批判作为个体不能报告贬值领域增长项目。问题是个体在经历创伤性事件时能否同时报告成长和贬值?本期刊调查的两项研究旨在回答四个问题;1)当有机会记录两个领域的增长和折旧时,个人是否会同时报告两个领域的增长和折旧?2)如果两者都报告,增长与折旧的金额会有差异吗?3)增长与折旧的关系是什么?最后4)如果它们以任何一种顺序出现,会有什么后果。
新西兰奥克兰作业代写 探索性研究
 An examination of Posttraumatic Growth and Posttraumatic Depreciation: Two exploratory studies. This journal was of interests as it raised the question in the last paper regarding the conceptualising thriving in clinical contexts re distress and growth coexisting and introduces the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory. The hypothesis for this research is that people experience both growth and depreciation following a stressful event. The implications for these were discussed.There are two instruments used for measuring PTG and PTD in this review, the Stress Related Growth Scale (SRGS) (Park, Cohen and Murch 1996) and the Post Traumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI) (Tedeschi and Calhoun 1996). The scales had proved successful as responses from those close to the individual agreed the outcome of the tests agreed with how they found their relative/friend to be.Limitations of the scales are that the individual only gets to report on the positives of their growth and not the negative aspects. From this further scales had been developed that measure both positive and negative effects, The Changes in Outlook Questionnaire (Joseph et al, 1993) although this appeared consistent and reliable it was found to be vulnerable of the same critique as individuals could not report depreciation in the domains as the growth items. The question is can individuals report both growth and depreciation when experiencing a traumatic event?The two studies investigated in this journal were designed to answer four questions; 1) when provided with the opportunity to record both growth and depreciation in both domains will individuals report both? 2) if both are reported will there be a difference in the amount of growth to depreciation? 3) what is the relationship between growth and depreciation? And finally 4) what are the consequences if any of the order of which they are presented.
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