惠灵顿assignment代写 经济衰弱后的复苏

2020-03-22 23:17

After post-recession period ending in 2016, businesses have revived, businesses start considering to take training as a means to increase their competitiveness and operation effectiveness.  By the end of 2018, the revenue of the industry in Canada has reached $1.2 billion and continued to grow till 2023. Thus, the industry has a bright future and it is profitable to run business in this industry .From competition point of view, the players in the industry mainly compete on quality of service, reputation, price, flexibility and marketing, etc. The majority players in the market focus on providing training services to local businesses and professionals in different industries.Therefore, the scale of competition in the industry stays on a local or regional level. However, the competition level of the industry is high because the competition not only comes from a huge number of the competitors within the industry, but also competitors from external industries such as universities, which can provide better structured and more professional training sessions to customers.In Toronto market, there is one organization who is providing similar training program at lower price. Their pricing strategy may affect our market share and cause potential industrial price war in Toronto market. When customers are offered low price, their acceptance regarding price may be lowered and their recognition of value can be disturbed. Thus, our organization will be facing more sales and marketing pressure.Our allies are our customers including schools, school boards, trusteeships and other social service institutes who are purchasing our training services and providing services to communities. Moreover, they also expect our training sessions can help them to improve their competitiveness so that they can better perform in terms of service quality, market share and reputation, etc.
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