澳洲阿德莱德作业代写 牙科医生

2020-03-14 10:52

如果一名女性毕业生在其一生中都能获得学位,那么她的收入有望增加约25万英镑,而男性毕业生的收入有望增加约17万英镑。然而,专业选择在未来的收入中起着很大的作用,医学和牙科专业学生的平均收入高达46,700英镑,是艺术和设计专业学生的两倍多,平均收入为20,100英镑,尽管这些学位的选择也取决于能力。不同大学的毕业生收入也不一样,罗素联盟大学毕业生的平均收入比其他大学高出40%。但是,学位结束时所累积的费用也必须考虑在内;每年9250英镑的学费贷款是一笔巨额贷款,而维持贷款上限为11354英镑/ annum3,这取决于学校是否在伦敦,以及家长的收入。平均而言,学生毕业时负债超过5万英镑。一旦一个毕业生的收入超过25,000英镑,超过这个门槛的收入的9%将以每年3%的实际利率偿还他们的贷款。在美国,任何剩余的债务在30年后都会被取消,尽管对大多数人来说不太可能完全偿还。成本效益分析可以用来确定投资大学的未来效益是否值得,它使用的是毕业生与非毕业生收入的净现值。为了简化模型,我们考察了每年的现金流现值(年利润)。必须考虑的假设是,一个不需要大学文凭的平均起薪是£16,0008年毕业生的平均起薪是£26日,0005年,两个都有一个长期的实际收益增长率为1.1%,就业和个人将50年来,虽然不需要大学文凭比研究生就业3年前开始。这也意味着,学费贷款的偿还将立即开始,无论他们的年收入高于多少,都将以9%的利率开始。净现值的计算方法是,毕业生比非毕业生多挣的经增长调整的工资减去贷款成本,实际利率为每年3%。折扣率为5%,反映了个人对未来与当前消费的相对价值。使用公式。
A female graduate can be expected to earn about £250,000 more if they have a degree over the course of a lifetime, and men are expected to earn about £170,000 more1. Nevertheless, subject choice plays a large role in future earnings, with medicine and dentistry students earning up to £46,700 on average, more than double the earnings of art and design students, earning £20,100 on average, although these degree choices also depend on ability. Graduates from different universities also have different earnings, with those from Russell Group universities earning 40% more on average than those from other institutions.However, the costs accumulated by the end of a degree must also be taken into account; the £9,250 per year tuition fee loan is hefty and the maintenance loans caps at £11,354 per annum3, which is dependent on whether the university is in London and on the income of the parents. On average students graduate with debts of more than £50,0001. Once a graduate earns in excess of £25,000, 9% of their income over the threshold is payed towards reimbursing their loan at a real interest rate of 3% p.a., and any remaining debt is cancelled after 30 years1, although complete repayment is unlikely for most.Cost-benefit analysis can be applied in order to determine whether the future benefits of investing in university are worthwhile, using the net present value of the earnings of graduates versus non-graduates. To simplify the model, the present value of the cash flow (the annual profit) each year is examined. The assumptions that must be taken into account are that the average starting salary of a non-graduate is £16,0008, the average starting salary of a graduate is £26,0005 , both with a long-run real earnings growth rate of 1.1%6, and that the individuals will be in employment for 50 years, although the non-graduate starts employment 3 years earlier than the graduate. This would also mean that repayment of the tuition loan would begin immediately, at 9% of however much above the threshold they earn yearly. The NPV is calculated as the growth adjusted wages that graduates earn over non-graduates minus the cost of the loan with a 3% real interest rate p.a..The discount rate is taken as 5%, which reflects the personal relative value placed on future versus current consumption. Using the formula.