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2020-06-08 02:20

《了不起的盖茨比》中突出的主题之一是过去不能重复,盖茨比沉浸在幻想中,拒绝接受这一点。他相信你可以重复过去,这为他的一生奠定了基础,因为他通过犯罪活动获得了大量的金钱。“不能重复过去?”他不敢相信地叫道。“你当然可以!”我会像以前一样解决一切的她会看到的(菲茨杰拉德,p106)盖茨比给尼克回信时,确信自己有能力重拾与黛西初次见面的时光,因为他现在有钱来证明自己的价值了。这种观点过于简单化和不切实际,显示出他是如何在绝望中完全扭曲现实来得到他的梦中情人。她是盖茨比生活的唯一目的——他把自己的一生都奉献给了赢回黛西,把他的每一分精力和资源都投入到尽可能富裕的生活中,这样他就可以在多年前他们离开的地方继续前进。自从失去了她,他的生活就不完整了,他不知怎么地觉得,如果他能回到过去,用正确的方式重新做一遍,他就会找到失去的东西。然而,无论盖茨比如何努力,无论他如何努力,无论他如何努力,他都无法重温过去,也无法帮助他和黛西分开的五年。她恋爱了,结婚了,和汤姆有了一个孩子,这是无法抹去的。他的梦想一定很接近,他不可能抓不到。他不知道它已经过去了”(菲茨杰拉德,pg. 171)盖茨比太过专注于他以前的生活,以至于看不到他所处的现实环境和他的未来——一个没有黛西的未来。接受这一点会粉碎他所有的希望和梦想,所以他一直否认,直到故事的最后,他因为黛西而被谋杀。
澳洲作业代写 了不起的盖茨
One of the themes highlighted in The Great Gatsby is that the past cannot be repeated, and, caught up in his fantasy, Gatsby refuses to accept this. His belief that you can repeat the past has laid the foundation of his whole life as he acquired fantastic amounts of money through criminal activity. ““Can’t repeat the past?” he cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!… I’m going to fix everything just the way it was before… she’ll see.”” (Fitzgerald, pg.106) When Gatsby replies this to Nick, he is sure of himself and of being able to reclaim the time when he and Daisy first met now that he has the money to prove his worth. This view is very simplistic and impractical, showing how completely he skews reality in his desperation to have the woman of his dreams. She is Gatsby’s sole purpose for living—he has dedicated his life to winning Daisy back, devoting every ounce of his energy and resources into becoming as rich as possible so that he could pick up where they left off all those years ago. His life had been incomplete since he lost her, and he somehow feels that if he could just go back and do it all again the right way, he would find the thing that has been missing. However, no matter how hard Gatsby tries or the lengths he goes to, he cannot relive the past, nor help what has passed during the five years him and Daisy were apart. She fell in love, married, and had a child with Tom, something that cannot be erased. “His dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it. He did not know that it was already behind him” (Fitzgerald, pg. 171) Being so fixated on his life before, Gatsby fails to see the reality of his circumstances and of his future—a future that doesn’t involve Daisy. Accepting this would shatter all of his hopes and dreams, so he remains in his denial until the very end of the story when he is murdered on account of Daisy.
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