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2020-11-30 15:17

鲍登豪斯学校与主流学校相比有一个重要的优势,因为学生可以有针对性地接受专业干预。如果需要,他们可以立即获得CAMHS的建议和其他心理服务。鲍登豪斯学校有一个专门的情感健康干预小组;这包括一个现场合格的治疗顾问、CAHMS顾问、心理健康急救人员和培养人员。主流学校没有资源提供所有这些服务,尤其是当学生处于危机之中时。马斯洛(1979)需求层次的第二级是安全需求,仅次于生理需求。除非学生感到安全,否则他们无法学习。SEMH的学生通常有一个高度觉醒的状态,这导致他们经常高度警觉。一旦他们感到安全,他们就更有能力学习。Bowden House School,致力于“一致的原则,灵活的实践”。随后,学生们都会受到公平对待,但不一定是平等的,这取决于他们的需求水平。主流的中学比较死板死板,不能总是满足处于危机中的学生的即时需求。这两所学校的教职员都与学生建立了有意义的关系,但专业课程更灵活,教职员的专业知识能满足学生的需求。在主流学校,一个处于危机中的孩子袭击了另一个学生;学校的政策很死板,学生被排除在外。在专业设置中,灵活的实践将允许其他选择,取决于学生的需要。当学生有非常复杂的需求时,Bowden House学校对学生使用限制性物理干预。主流中学不会有训练有素的工作人员对SEMH学生进行这种行为干预,所以一旦学生的行为螺旋式上升,造成更多的伤害或破坏,因为工作人员没有办法安全地约束学生来降低事态的恶化。
新西兰assignment代写 私立学校
Bowden house School has an important advantage over the mainstream setting as students can get targeted and provided with specialist interventions. They can have immediate access to advice from CAMHS and other psychological services if required. Bowden House School has a specific emotional wellbeing intervention team; this includes an onsite qualified therapeutic councillor, CAHMS councillor, mental health first aiders and nurture staff.  The mainstream school does not have the resources to offer all these services, especially when a student is in crisis.   Maslow’s (1979) hierarchy of needs second level, after physiological needs, are safety needs. The student will not be in a position to learn unless they feel safe. Students with SEMH usually have a heightened state of arousal which leads to them being constantly hypervigilant.  Once they feel safe, they are more able to learn.  Bowden House School, works towards ‘consistent principles, flexible practice’.  Subsequently students are all treated fairly but not necessarily equally, dependent on their level of need.  The mainstream secondary school is more rigid and inflexible, therefore cannot always meet the immediate needs of a student in crisis. Staff at both schools build meaningful relationships with the students but the specialist provision has more flexibility and staff expertise to meet their needs.  A child in crisis at the mainstream school assaults another student; the school policy is inflexible, and the student is excluded.  In a specialist setting flexible practice will allow other options, dependent on the student’s needs.  Bowden House School uses restrictive physical intervention with students when required as the students have very complex needs. The mainstream secondary would not have the trained staff to use this behaviour intervention with SEMH students so again once the students behaviour spirals with more damage, injury or destruction as the staff have no way of safely restraining the student to deescalate the situation.
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