新西兰assignment代写 加德纳的理论

2020-10-13 03:26

新西兰assignment代写 加德纳的理论
 Gardner’s theories have impacted education for children with developmental disability and it explains how it affects the strength of the students. Identifying the theories that impacted education for children with disabilities can be important to customize the class according to the needs and the way it is more powerful and good for their abilities. With the use of multiple theory of intelligence, special education is raising a child in a special way that he or she will lead to increase their self-esteem. Gardner has given special tools to the teachers to assess their students and find the classes to fit them according to their needs and capabilities. The students’ performance should be measured according to their perception and interaction with others rather than measured by solving the questions. Students see things differently from everyone else and multiple theory of intelligence play an important role in it. This is an inclusive educational environment where no one feels inferior or superior to anyone else. Every individual has his own personal learning styles which may differ due to their disabilities. For example, they may have difficulty with integration or difficulty with memorizing material.  According to Gardner, all individuals have different bits of intelligence. And at some extent, everyone will differ from each other. There are so many different ways to use the multiple intelligence theory in the classroom and beyond. Always keep in mind the capacity of every individual while making a curriculum. Sometimes, many of the teachers thought that individuals with developmental disability are unable to learn new things because of their learning disorder, but this is not always the case. Their learning ability depends upon how the information is delivered to them instead of their biological disability. With the knowledge of multiple intelligence theory, educators have taken an interest in how a student grasps the things more effectively and teachers are able to modify their methods of teaching before assuming the results of an individual with a developmental disability.
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