澳洲政治学assignment代写 每一个儿童问题

2020-05-31 01:09

因此,《每一个儿童问题》提出了对儿童方案进行重大改革的建议,以便使每一个儿童,不论其背景或境况如何,都能得到必要的支持,以便在下列关键领域取得更好的成果:根据这一政策,社会工作是一种职业,在一系列法律框架、社会政策和法定指导的边缘运行,以响应社会的需要。这项政策是S的责任。根据《1989年儿童法》调查和完成初步调查。“儿童法案1989年引入了重要的伤害阈值,证明强制干预并确定如果一个孩子是由受保护计划或提供支持在儿童和家庭领域”(intuition & intuition 2008)因此,一个孩子可能会支持一个孩子需要的基础上。该政策声称,社会工作实践受到政策的专业指导方针的影响和塑造,因此,重要的是要了解背景,因为它告知评估他们的能力。它指出,为了保持一致性,社工必须熟悉组织对政策的解释和执行,以及当前的政策驱动因素。Munro review(2011)认识到由于记录和管理干预的受控系统,对社会工作者的有效、自信和自信的干预能力的负面影响。这项政策使社会工作者对他们的所有行动更加负责和透明。
澳洲政治学assignment代写 每一个儿童问题
Every Child Matters (2003) therefore was introduced to set out proposals for major changes in children’s programmes to allow every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, to have the needed support towards the achievement of a better outcome in the following key areas: “being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being” (DoH 2003) According to this policy, social work is a profession that operates within the margins of a series of legal frameworks, social policies and statutory guidance responding to society’s needs. The policy makes it the duty of S.W to investigate and complete initial enquiries under the Children Act 1989. “The Children Act 1989 introduced significant harm as the threshold that justifies compulsory intervention and determines if a child is made subject to a protection plan or provided with support in the children and families arena” (O’Loughlin & O’Loughlin 2008) therefore a child may be supported on a child in need basis.The policy asserts that social work practise is influenced and shaped by the professional guidelines of the policy so it is important to understand the context as it informs the assessment of their capabilities. It states that for consistency, social workers must familiarise themselves with the organisation’s interpretation and the implementation of the policy and the current policy drivers. Munro review (2011) recognised the adverse impact on social workers’ ability to intervene effectively, confidently and in an assertive manner due to the controlled system of recording and regulated interventions. The policy has made social workers more accountable and transparent for all their actions.
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