澳洲阿德莱德assignment代写 变量测试

2020-06-18 01:13

澳洲阿德莱德assignment代写 变量测试
 The design used for this experiment was a mixed 2×2 factorial design, the experiment have had two variables: one repeated-measures and one independent-measures.  In repeated-measures variable, participants were exposed to both conditions of this variable (congruent and incongruent).  To reduce the practice effects and counterbalance the order, half of the participants made the congruent then the incongruent condition and the other half of the participants made incongruent then the congruent condition.  However, participants in the ‘standard’ group, were different to participants in the ‘modified’ group, these were independent measures.  All participants were randomly allocated to each condition. There were two independent variables: whether the ink colour  and the word are congruent (the same) or incongruent (different) and whether the words are easily readable or wraped. The dependent variable was the time taken for participants to correctly name the ink colours of a colour word lists. Participants were tested in a quiet room away from any distractions, they were asked to read and sign the information sheet and consent form (see the Appendix).  There were two groups: a ‘standard’ group who completed the normal Stroop task and a ‘modified’ group who completed the same task but in the congruent and incongruent condition (wraped Strop task), the words were wraped.  In the ‘standard’ group all participants seated at a table and were presented a piece of paper including a colour word list, they were asked to identify the ink colour of the word by saying it loud, ignoring the word itself.  Participants had had correctly identify the ink colour of the word to be able to move onto the next word and finish the list.  Before the participants started, they were told that they should try and identify the ink colour of the word as quickly and as accurately is possible.  Participants after finished first list had one minute break before participating in the second condition, in which the same procedure was carried out. In the ‘modified’ group the instructions were the same like on ‘standard’ group.  The amount of time was taken (in seconds) for the participants to correctly name the ink colour of the whole list of words, was recorded by the experimenter and analyzed. 
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