新西兰商科作业代写 委托任务

2020-04-19 10:06

新西兰商科作业代写 委托任务
The Oxford English Dictionary (2011) defines delegation as the act of entrusting a task or responsibility to a person who is usually in a less senior position to you, alongside this, empowerment can be defined as to give a person or persons authority or power to take responsibility for a task or action.1 When it comes to delegation I feel this is an area I need to work on. As previously mentioned I find this far easier with the clinical team when cascading new guidance or when there needs to be a change in practice as it is presumed they are qualified to a level whereby they can implement and manage change autonomously and often they are duty bound by their clinical registration to ensure they follow new guidelines. When it comes to the administrative staff I feel this is an area I need to improve in. I find being part of a small team requires me to have the ability to undertake all of the non-clinical roles within the practice and as such at times I have the ‘it’s just quicker if I do it myself’ attitude, I recognise that this does not motivate the team and also is not the most time effective way to work. I have had a bad experience of delegating recently whereby a task that had been delegated to our administrator had not been completed by a deadline which resulted in the practice losing a considerable amount of money. Although I had delegated the responsibility of this task to the administrator the overall responsibility still rests with me and I had to explain the loss to the partners and accountant. I find it very hard to relinquish control anyway by nature of my personality but its examples such as this that makes it even harder for me. This is an area of my leadership that I plan to develop and will ensure time is given to allow staff to learn and develop in their roles and put plans in place to ensure this is adequately reviewed and performance managed. In order to assist me to accomplish this and remain on task to eventually reach a stage where I can pass full responsibility over to the team/team member I plan to use the delegation planner discussed during the Thornfield’s Becoming an Effective Leader workshop and found in the work book provided (2016). 10 I feel the planner will help me stay focused on my goal and by following the step by step actions will ensure that the process is not rushed and both the team and myself will have the opportunity to ensure the task is delegated properly and effectively, thus empowering the team to take on total responsibility and ensuring I am confident in the ability of the team to complete the task to a standard and in the timeframe expected.
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