奥克兰law assignment代写 代理费

2020-03-30 03:04

奥克兰law assignment代写 代理费
 In theory agency fees should have minimal effect on the economy of the United States because the nonpolitically related costs are supposed to counteract the agency fees collected by a union. Yet similar to many theories, in practice it is much more difficult to ensure that agency fees are properly applied and do not allow unions to gravely effect an economy.One major issue associated with agency fees is that they deter individuals from wanting to join a union. The estimated difference between weekly earnings of union members versus those represented by a union yet are not members is less than two percent (Table1). Yet in correlation the average amount of agency fees totals to be roughly three-fourths of the those that a member would pay. This leads employees in unionized industries to then choose not to join. The decrease of union members in the United States workforce from roughly twenty-five percent of public employees to roughly eleven percent clearly demonstrates this drop in membership additions (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018). A fourteen percent decrease in membership nationwide is a clear sign that unions should not take lightly. If the Janus v. AFSCME case receives an overturning decision, unions can expect an even greater drop in memberships because the difference percent of union fees paid would be much greater than simply seventy-five percent.Another economic issue that agency fees have currently been debating and might soon have to face is the concept of paycheck protection  Paycheck protection in this case is in reference to the ability given two unions through agreements with the employer to simply withdraw agency fees from employees’ paycheck whether they are member of the union or not. This issue has been conversed about in presidential elections as of early back as 2002. If the decision in your court case being heard by the Supreme Court currently resolves in favor of the plaintiff, unions will no longer have a right to simply take agency fees out of an employee’s paycheck.
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